Lady Dandelion

Lady Dandelion Skate Clinic - April 11



Lady Dandelion Skate Clinic is a mini festival celebrating the joy of learning to skate. Danielle, owner of Lady Dandelion and co-founder of Grlswirl, has brought together amazing skaters in We provide you a large, private outdoor space in Santa Monica to workshop your skate skills at every level, and the mentors to help you move to the next level. There will be drills and obstacles for all to try and our mentors will be present all day to coach you through and answer your questions as you try new things.

Food, drinks, and music provided by our sponsors and DJ! Tickets also grant you 25% off the Lady Dandelion store on site for the day.

Skate Mentors: Danielle Schwartz (owner of Lady Dandelion, Co-founder Grlswirl), Patrick Melcher (pro skater, owner Kingswell Skateshop), Marco aka "Good Vibes" (lifelong skater and skate instructor), Jenni Mull (bad ass skater and instructor).


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