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Vintage fashion-loving beachgoers and stylish skater girls (and boys) have a charming new shopping stop in Santa Monica. Meet Lady Dandelion, a new boutique on stylish Montana Avenue that's stocked with print-happy clothing, accessories, and more finds fit for your next surf and sand session. Founded by rad California skater mama, Grlswirl co-founder, and designer Danielle Schwartz, the 250-square-foot space is a Victorian dollhouse-meets-surf shack, complete with the original Art Deco copper paneling on the outside. "It definitely stands out and it's a couple of doors down from Caffe Luxe, my fave coffee shop. It's also nine blocks from the beach, which is great."

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The Cut NY Magazine

READ FULL ARTICLE HERE "That’s a big reason why Schwartz — who is also a designer — loves to skate and teach skating. She wants to fill the void she saw when she was growing up of women who were both actively feminine and athletic. There are many more women today who show off both their fashionable and athletic sides (just look at Serena Williams and her catsuits) than Schwartz saw when she was younger, and she feels like she’s a part of that genre of grown-up tomboy. “I feel like I’m creating an archetype for my daughter and the younger girls who can look at us and see that we don’t just dress up like a boy to fit...

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