Wonder Woman: Honoring her Stregnth

This weekend we went to get Lulu a Halloween costume. Part of me wanted to dress her up in something cute, like a bunny or an angel (I have a photo of me dressed as an angel at almost the same age she is now). But when we went to the store, this Wonder Woman costume was the first one I saw.

It was a one-of-a-kind rental and it happened to be her exact size. It also felt well suited to her spirit and character. My kid is fierce and brave and defiant and sharp as a whip. Why did I want to dress her up as a bunny?

In light of current events, Ive been thinking about the meaning behind these little hidden messages we send to our daughters and I came to this conclusion: I am not raising my littler girl to be cute and sweet. She is both of those things but those are not the qualities I believe need nurturing. In the state of the world today, I strive to honor her strength. So Wonder Woman feels just right. 

Also Ryan is the best for taking us to this awesome place even though I was tired and whining and didn't want to sit in traffic lol. It was magical and totally worth it.