Surfing Cowgirl x Lady Dandelion

We are so stoked about our collaboration with Los Angeles based jewelry artist, Claudia Dockery. Claudia started designing her fresh, funky pieces during the pandemic using her mother's vintage bead collection. She realized how deep the love for this craft was in her blood, and so her line Surfing Cowgirl was born. Danielle and Claudia worked together to create an exclusive line of necklaces using our signature color palette, floral shapes, vintage beads, and fresh water pearls. The result is collection of beautiful, funky, timelessly fun pieces that you will never want to take off. And luckily you won't have to! Each necklace is made with gold plated clasps, real pearls, and glass beads. They may look delicate and cute, but don't be fooled, they are water proof and durable. Shop this exclusive collection online and in our showroom!