Making Fresh Jasmine Face Spray

Jasmine is one of my favorite smells in the world. It never gets old. Always uplifting, sweet, and invigorating. Im quite literally addicted to it. Thats why making a DIY face spray is brilliant for me. These little bottles of flower juice are quite expensive if you buy them in a store. But since I planted a large jasmine bush in my yard, I can bottle it up in Springtime and enjoy it throughout the Winter post-bloom. Quick, easy and fun, here are the steps to make your own bottle of jasmine botanical spray. Enjoy!
1. Find a bottle or mason jar that will keep the liquid enclosed while it distills.
2. Fill the container to the top with jasmine blossoms.
3. Add witch hazel and fill to the top level of bottle to cover all flowers.
4. Close it up and let it sit.
5. Distill in the window with sunlight for 30 days.
Et voila!