Lady Dandelion Foundation

As all who have interacted with the Lady Dandelion brand know, we have never just been a clothing store. There is a distinctive lifestyle behind Lady Dandelion which strives to empower and inspire girls and women of all ages. Founder Danielle Schwartz has a mission to share what has saved her over and over again in her life - outdoor athletic recreation. Our initial Skate Clinic events were wildly successful in bringing girls of all ages together to create accessibility around this sport for all levels. The events were a day of acceleration both athletically and mentally for all who attended, giving participants a safe place to learn and grow from some of the most iconic mentors in the city. We invited Los Angeles based, Courage Camps to bring all of their kids down for the day to learn from our mentors. We partnered with aligned brands, such as Vans, Liquid Death, 385 skate pads, Rowdy Mermaid, Keen Ramps, Vacation Inc, and many more, to bring added perks and make the day extra exciting.

After seeing how large the enthusiasm was for this kind of event, we set our out sites to scale. And so the Lady Dandelion Foundation was born, to spread our clinics further and on a larger scale, including more sports, more mentors, and most importantly, impacting more people. We are currently looking for partners of all kinds to help us bring our vision to the next level. If you are interested in donating as an individual or as a brand sponsor, please reach out to us directly!