Feminine Tomboy Series: Kyle Miller

Meet Kyle Miller, yoga teacher extraordinaire and born and bred California girl. I've known Kyle since we were kids and I've witnessed her charm and hilarious wit light up her path everywhere she goes. These days she uses Chinese medicine, breath work and a unique practice called Katonah yoga to infuse her classes and students with hope during challenging times. Read on to hear everything from Kyle's daily practice to her favorite 90's trends...
Can you say a little bit about Katonah yoga? 
Katonah Yoga is a modern style of yoga created by my teacher Nevine Michaan.  It looks at yoga not just from the eastern texts and perspective but cross referenced with taoism, chinese medicine and world religion.  It's a really practical method for learning tools to create and recreate your perspective and spark joy from the inside out. 
What's your favorite element of it? How do you incorporate it into your classes?  I love the spherical movements, stirring it up on the hands and knees, and I basically include that in every class and every time I practice.  I also learned about the seasons through the lens of chinese Medicine via my teacher and it has really taught me to embrace the constantly changing nature of reality.  I reference the lesson of the seasons when I'm making big decisions and going through hardship.
What is your go to practice and why?  taking one of my peers and bffs classes has become a regular part of my practice, especially in lockdown.  I take my friends videos or zooms a few times a week.  I also make it a real habit to watch the sunset... that is my happy place.
What does it mean to you to be a feminine tomboy?  It means doing whatever I want and looking good doing it.
Favorite Lady Dandelion item(s)?  You know me, I'm so casual and cozy.  I love the striped crop top and matching wide leg pants... perfect for teaching and walking my dog.
Favorite 90's trend you either wish would come back or hope never leaves?  The 90's is my world!!  I'm loving the little purses with the top handles but I'm also down for things to be in and out of style and love watching it al.l 
Favorite movie character?  Goldie Hawn's character in First Wives Club, my favorite movie.
Favorite thing about California?  The beaches!!!!! 
What does it mean to you to be a California girl?  It's means I'm laid back and I love the sunshine.
All handles and website: @kylemilleryoga www.kylemilleryoga.com