Feminine Tomboy Series: Jill Krumenacker

People usually describe me as kind, calm and collected. I have gotten the nickname of "chill Jill" lol. But I can be stubborn, driven and also have a competitive side. I am definitely very earthy by nature - if you are into astrology I am a Taurus Sun, a Virgo Moon, and Virgo Rising! I tend towards practical and comfortable silhouettes that I can move easily in and feel confident, even when I want to feel more girly. However, I do like to stand out with my style and so I'm also drawn towards quirky and interesting pieces, whether they be sporty or feminine, that I will pair with my more everyday clothes. As a tall girl, I do love dresses and skirts but I don't wear a lot of them since it can be hard to find the right length for my body type (tall girl problems). I feel like it's hard to nail down my style because how I dress depends heavily on my mood, but this concept of a Feminine Tomboy might come the closest to capturing the essence of my style!