Feminine Tomboy Feature: Amanda Suk

Spending the day with Amanda at the store was pure joy. She comes alive in all the colors in the shop and she is never not dancing. Amanda is a former dance studio owner and current actress. It's very clear that she is a performer at heart. She is also so warm and easy to relate to. Read on to learn about how her mind ticks, life motto, and some of her favorite things...
What is your favorite thing about your profession (acting)?
I've tried to pin-point the answer to this question for myself for a while now haha. I feel like my answer is always shifting as I gain more experience and spend more time in this world. I'd say, currently, my favorite thing is that I get to explore human experiences that I wouldn't be able to get to on my own...it allows me to understand more points of views other than my own. I also just love the family you create on set between cast and crew with this collective goal to create whatever world we all set out to build together. 
Favorite movie characters?
Wow. You know, favorite movie or favorite actor often gets asked but I realize I don't think I've been asked who my favorite movie characters are! Oh man...this could go on forever so i'll try to answer like it's a lightning round question and I have 5 seconds on the clock. (I think my pre-answer already exceeded my 5 seconds.) I love Professor Snape from Harry Potter (RIP Alan Rickman)... such a fantastic arc of disliking or being in fear of someone only to learn their backstory and come to love them. Another one off the top of my head is the sister character from Bong Joon Ho's Parasite. 
What do you love most about dancing?
I think it's the way our bodies naturally connect to music! How fascinating that physical response is when we can shut off any insecurities our brain is trying to tell us!
Favorite places to dance?
In my living room and I also love Short Stop in Echo Park.
What does it mean to you to be a feminine tomboy?
For me, it means not being defined by or as one thing. 
Favorite Lady Dandelion item(s)?
Is it strange to say I love a big ol' scrunchie? The LD scrunchies are so colorful and joyful. I also became a fan of the Punch Sweat Shirt and I say became a fan bc I'm not normally drawn to the color pink but I have to admit wearing this comfy sweater really gave me life :) By the way... I didn't get to try on the vintage quilt coat but holy moley it's gorgeous! 
Life motto?
Be fearless, not flawless. 
Favorite music to dance to?
Honestly...anything...I can dance to anything...it all just depends on the mood!
Favorite thing about California?
I mean...mountains+beach in one fell swoop? Also, the food+coffee here is just *Chefs kiss* 
What does it mean to you to be a California girl?
To me it means being a light and bringing joy wherever you are :) I think that's the spirit of being a Cali girl that I've learned over the past 10 years here.