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Dandelion Dreamgirl: Patti Quintero

Patti Quintero and I first met when she became my doula during my pregnancy with Lulu. I always had terrible fears of childbirth and was afraid I was going to have to get knocked out all together in order to deliver the baby that was growing inside me. Enter Patti. An incredibly magical, calming, confident woman who put me in touch with my feminine strength and grace. Patti's mission to empower women is inspiring and she has a unique way of making you feel more powerful just by being in her presence. For this reason, she is a Dandelion Dreamgirl. Read below to hear some of her wisdom and magic, and even some bonus music tips.


What is the mission behind your company Uma Mother and what does the name mean?

Uma means Mother of the Universe. The mission of Uma Mother is to help guide and inspire All Mothers to cultivate a more intimate connection to themselves and each other through the practices of yoga and meditation. When we come together and awaken to our innate wisdom and essence we can move mountains.


What are some benefits in your opinion of doing yoga during, before and after pregnancy?

Yoga refers to the unity of the self with it’s bigger Self, also known as higher self or enlightened self. It’s nature is to help guide us from the hypnosis of the external world inward so that we can access greater ease and bliss in our human form. During pregnancy we become the very first home for this new expression of life. We are it's source of consciousness and all of the bliss chemicals we take in are also transferred to that growing life, as are all the stress chemicals. We have the ability to shift the external programming or the fear and control based reference model when we practice consistently.

The breath awareness, the postures and the meditation all help to strengthen that super power of Self referral, one of the handiest guides for all stages of Motherhood. 


Women you look up to most?

My Mother, she is my Queen. She has taught me of the importance of family, being of service, motherhood and all of its nurturing magic and love. She has also taught me the importance of celebrating life to its fullest now not tomorrow. Michelle Obama is a favorite too. 


What are the greatest tools you have found to bring you back to the present moment when you feel overwhelmed?

 My meditation practice is the place I come to twice daily to destress and expand my state of consciousness. That quiet, simple, still space of awareness allows me to show up in a more present and responsive vs reactive to life and all of it's twists and turns. 


Greatest wisdom you have learned from your work as a doula over the years?

Nature knows how to organize everything, especially birth. There is a dance that takes place which belongs to Mother and baby, and her intuition is her greatest guide in this dance. My role as a doula is to help facilitate that dance by bringing education, awareness and love to that space. The other essential truth is that if we can step into the birth realm with less stress in our bodies and mind we will have the capacity to adapt to every layer of that dance, same goes for Motherhood. Lastly …. Women are so powerful and other worldly, and it is a great honor to witness birth in every form. 


Life mantra or motto?

I have several today it is …. LIVE YOUR MAGIC 


You juggle raising 2 kids as a single mom running a company, and taking care of many other women through teaching and being a doula. Thats A LOT of care taking! What rituals or outlets do you do regularly that are just for you?

Yes it is a lot of holding space! :) My non negotiable is my meditation practice which is akin to brushing my teeth. My yoga (asana) practice or some form of physical movement including dancing, hiking or even going to the gym for some cardio helps me move energy too. But the main ways I receive without putting forth effort is through acupuncture, massage or soaking and getting scrubbed at the Korean spa.


Do you relate to the experience of being a "feminine tomboy" or "tomgirl" as I like to say? If so, how?

I guess I can relate very much to my masculine essence. As a single mama it is a play between the two. In the last decade I have learned how to soften and lean into vulnerability more, learning to be less controlling has come from the evolution of my own personal happiness and practice. It has been a beautiful journey especially because I do work with so many mothers who are juggling many identities. I believe they are both essential to keep in check. 


What is your favorite part of being a woman?

Everything :) Mostly my intuitive nature, receptivity to nurture and deep resonance with sensuality. 


And since your playlists are always fire, what are a few of your current favorite artists? 

Always love any Radiohead at any time. Loving the latest James Blake album, latest Kelsey Lu album and Jamie XX Album. Regulars you’ll find playing at my home include Hope Sandoval, Bon Iver, Alabama Shakes,  Angel Olsen (thanks to you) and the go to classics Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin and the OG grunge bands.


Anything else you'd like to share with us?

My greatest passion is to help Mothers live with less stress and in greater alignment with their magic. We are the foundation of the human species and we must elevate our consciousness to a higher state in order to thrive and radiate. My greatest teachers are my two children, they are supreme humans.