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Feminine Tomboy Feature: Amanda Suk

Spending the day with Amanda at the store was pure joy. She comes alive in all the colors in the shop and she is never not dancing. Amanda is a former dance studio owner and current actress. It's very clear that she is a performer at heart. She is also so warm and easy to relate to. Read on to learn about how her mind ticks, life motto, and some of her favorite things...

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Grlswirl x Lady Dandelion

This epic collaboration is the culmination of so many things for me as a co founder of Venice Beach girl skate crew, Grlswirl and the founder of Lady Dandelion. Both companies beganĀ around the same time, right after my daughter Lulu was born. It felt like all the creative energy I had been conserving for her while I was pregnant finally exploded out of me like a volcano once she was born. And this shoot is a pretty good representation of all of that. Lady Dandelion is designed for the feminine tomboy. A term I feel very much embodies my personality. You might call the skate park my personal version of a "runway". The Lady Dandelion girl is not afraid to...

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