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Dandelion Dreamgirl: Patti Quintero

Patti Quintero and I first met when she became my doula during my pregnancy with Lulu. I always had terrible fears of childbirth and was afraid I was going to have to get knocked out all together in order to deliver the baby that was growing inside me. Enter Patti. An incredibly magical, calming, confident woman who put me in touch with my feminine strength and grace. Patti's mission to empower women is inspiring and she has a unique way of making you feel more powerful just by being in her presence. For this reason, she is a Dandelion Dreamgirl. Read below to hear some of her wisdom and magic, and even some bonus music tips.   What is the mission...

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Grlswirl x Lady Dandelion

This epic collaboration is the culmination of so many things for me as a co founder of Venice Beach girl skate crew, Grlswirl and the founder of Lady Dandelion. Both companies began around the same time, right after my daughter Lulu was born. It felt like all the creative energy I had been conserving for her while I was pregnant finally exploded out of me like a volcano once she was born. And this shoot is a pretty good representation of all of that. Lady Dandelion is designed for the feminine tomboy. A term I feel very much embodies my personality. You might call the skate park my personal version of a "runway". The Lady Dandelion girl is not afraid to...

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Rainy Day in The Canyon

Its been pouring in LA non stop and today we lost power in Venice. Lulu and I retreated to my childhood home, where my parents still live to this day. Up a beautiful canyon near Santa Monica, the house is an oasis I am so grateful to have. Even more so now that the we have come full circle, and I am bringing my daughter over to play in the garden, pictured here, and sit by the fire with the whole family. Its heaven. Being surrounded by fresh fragrant flowers is by far one of my favorite things in life. A close second is cooking delicious, fresh cozy meals. So Ive decided to share one of my favorite recipes for rainy days like today,...

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